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Inventory Storage

Talon Air has introduced our concierge inventory storage to help operators manage their excess inventory. We handle the storage, retrieval and shipping, one part at a time.

How It Works:

Inventory is received and audited (or an inventory listing is created for the owner if one doesn't exist) and the results are provided to the owner. At any time, the owner may ask for a single part or the entire inventory to be returned. So, you need a 001002-03 anti-collision light to be pulled and returned, it will be done within one business day, no additional charge (shipping charges are the responsibility of the owner, but we are happy to use your shipping account). It can be returned to the owner, drop-shipped to an AOG aircraft, or sent to a Repair Station, it's all up to you.

Will it be listed on ILS?

No. Unless specifically requested and a written agreement is executed, no inventory will be listed on any platform. We are a value-added storage solution, that's all.

How are charges calculated?

A basic unit is 48"W x 48"D x 60"T. Landing gear and other large components will be handled based on the size. Depending on the size of each part, you may be able to get hundreds of parts into one basic unit. Inventory is never mixed with another owner, the unit is clearly marked with the owners identifying code and only one owner per unit is allowed. Unfortunately, this means multiple owners can't share a unit, but the pricing structure makes individual units for each owner an attractive solution.

How is Trace Paperwork handled?

We recommend the owner keep the originals and only send copies, if at all. Since we aren't representing your inventory, we don't need to have the history or details unless you want to send them. Life Limited parts are all serialized and the owner can make the decision to retrieve S/N G657 (for example) knowing the history and the application to the fleet.



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