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Consigned Inventory

Talon leads the consigned inventory market. We offer far better terms than others with much better results.

Straight Consignment (SC)

We will store, market on multiple platforms and sell your inventory as a leader in the market. We split SC 60/40 with 60% to the owner, paid monthly or with the sale of a pre-determined amount or part. So, if you have a high-dollar part, we will pay you as soon as payment is received and the part has been accepted.

Modified Consignment (MC)

In this program, we agree on a value of the entire inventory and pay 10-15% in cash up front, then 80% of all sales until the balance is paid.

Traditional Consignment (TC)

As with most programs, we will aggressively list, promote and sell the inventory under the terms we believe are best based on condition. Payments are made every quarter once payment is received and parts are accepted.

Put Your Inventory To Work

In all programs, the owner is always able to audit the program (up until balance paid on MC) and can recall any part at any time. We ask the owner to suspend marketing efforts once the material is in Talon's possession, to eliminate competing interests on the same inventory.

Talon is innovative in many areas. If you have inventory available and want our help, shoot us an email and let's see how we can turn parts into cash.



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